French and Riviera News Wednesday 15th August 2018


Bridge rescuers search into the night - Prince Albert of Monaco has expressed his condolences following the tragic collapse of the motorway bridge in Genoa. Rescuers have been searching into the night for possible survivors after the dramatic collapse of the bridge on Tuesday morning. At least 31 people are believed to have died and 15 badly hurt when dozens of vehicles fell 45 meters. According to French media there were no reports of any casualties on the ground below the bridge. What caused the bridge to collapse remains unknown and an investigation has been opened. Early speculation focused on the structural weakness, the bridge built in 1967, despite having undergone maintenance work two years ago, was described as a “disaster waiting to happen” by one Italian engineer in a report published in 2016. The bridge is an unusual design but is similar to a larger bridge in Venezuela which partially collapsed in 1964, both were designed by Riccardo Morandi. 440 people have been evacuated from buildings near the bridge for fear that other parts could collapse. Italy’s Transport Minister has said the collapse was "unacceptable" and that if negligence played a role "whoever made a mistake must pay". French President Emmanuel Macron tweeted a message of sympathy to the people of Italy, writing in both Italian and French. He said France was ready to offer any necessary aid.

Frenzied knife attack - An Afghan asylum-seeker has been arrested after launching a drunken and frenzied knife attack in the southwestern French town of Perigueux in the Dordogne, injuring four people including one seriously. The incident happened on Monday evening when the 19-year-old man, who was known to have psychological problems started lashing out at cars outside his home. The man was eventually arrested and placed in police custody on charges of aggravated violence.

Stingrays spotted along the coast - Authorities have launched an alert after reports of bathers being stung by Stingrays in both the Var and the Alpes Maritimes. The venom from a Stingray can cause severe pain and discomfort and bathers are advised to seek medical help from lifeguards present on the region’s beaches.  

Ball - In Monaco, Madonna, Hugh Grant and Pierce Brosnan are just some heavy-weight names, lending their support to this year’s Monte-Carlo Gala for the Global Ocean. The gala was inaugurated last year by Prince Albert with Leonardo di Caprio, as part of their environmental struggle to preserve the oceans. The gala will take place on the terrace of the Casino de Monte Carlo on September 26th.


Unemployment - Unemployment in France has fallen from 9.2% to 9.1%according to figures published on Tuesday. The French Labor Minister said this result was "positive" with figures showing that the unemployment rate for 15-24 year-olds dropped by 0.7 points. In total, 554,000 young people are unemployed in France.

Migrants - Malta has said that it will allow the rescue boat Aquarius to dock with the 141 migrants it has picked up in the Mediterranean. According to reports it’s been confirmed that Spain will welcome 60 migrants, France 60, Germany 50 and Portugal 30.


Turkey's President has said his country will boycott US electronic products, after Washington imposed sanctions on Ankara. Russia's Foreign Minister who is visiting Ankara, branded the US sanctions as an illegitimate policy at a news conference on Tuesday. He accused the US of seeking an unfair competitive advantage in global trade.

Tinder's parent companies have been accused of undervaluing the dating app, cheating executives out of billions of dollars worth of stock options. A group of 10 current and former top staff - including the firm's co-founders and former boss - made the claim in a lawsuit filed in New York. They are seeking at least $2bn in damages from the parent firms IAC and subsidiary, Match Group.

Amazon's one-day delivery ad for Prime members has been banned as misleading. The UK advertising regulator said it had received 280 complaints, mostly from Prime customers who reported not receiving their packages within a day. It said the ad "must not appear again in its current form" and Amazon must make clear that "a significant proportion" of Prime items were not available for next-day delivery. Amazon said the "overwhelming majority" of one-day orders arrived on time.


Formula One - Spanish two-time world champion Fernando Alonso has announced he is to retire from Formula 1 at the end of the season. The McLaren driver will end a career that began at the Australian Grand Prix of 2001. Alonso, who is competing in his 17th F1 season, won the 2005 and 2006 championships when racing for Renault.

Football - Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos has told Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp "some of us have been operating at a very high level for many years - I'm not sure he can say the same".

Cricket – Former England captain Michael Vaughan says Ben Stokes has "suffered enough punishment" and has backed the all-rounder's return to the England squad. Stokes missed England's 2017-18 tour of Australia while his role in a fracas in Bristol last September was being investigated. The 27-year old was found not guilty of affray on Tuesday.


Clear skies with highs of 29 degrees in Nice, 30 degrees in Antibes, 31 degrees in Rayol Canadel and 30 degrees in Hyeres with a light south westerly wind.

This evening going down to 18 degrees in the Var and 21 degrees in the Alpes Maritimes with clear skies.

Outlook for Thursday and Friday remaining much the same as today with showers forecast inland for Friday.


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