French and Riviera News Tuesday 18th September 2018


Road accident in Valbonne leaves three people seriously injured - A serious road accident has left three people injured. The accident occurred on Monday evening shortly before 8pm on the road between Valbonne and Chateauneuf. Several vehicles were involved and the cause remains unknown. The emergency services intervened and a helicopter was deployed to evacuate the victims.

Genoa bridge disaster - Following the Genoa bridge disaster many still remain homeless according to local media. Reports have shown that those evacuated a few minutes after the disaster are still waiting for new housing in the area which  seems to have frozen in time, with access forbidden and the concrete structure still threatening to collapse. Some of those evacuated now live in hotels, funded by the authorities. According to reports the authorities have said that all 255 families will be relocated before the end of November.

Drowning toll in France - Public Health France has published its results for the number of deaths caused by drowning in France for 2018. Figures show a sharp increase in fatal drownings with 2,255 drownings of which 492 have been fatal from June 1st to August 30th. All ages and all regions are concerned. In response to the study, which will be completed on 30th September with the definitive results published at the beginning of 2019, The Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation would like to reiterate several prevention measures such as, never leaving children unsupervised while swimming, adults must take into consideration their fitness level, swim in zones with lifeguards and avoid overeating and drinking alcohol before and during swimming. The Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation has been committed to fighting the number of deaths from drowning since 2012. “Learn to Swim” and “Water Safety” programmes have been implemented in 33 countries and more than 500,000 people, mostly children, have been given water safety lessons or have learned how to swim.

Tuk-tuk taxi service in Nice - The prefect of the Alpes Maritimes has overturned a decision to limit the number of tuk-tuk taxi tri-cycles in Nice. Last October, after a number of road traffic offenses, scams, and competition with taxis, Nice City Council limited the number of tricycle operators and stopping points in the city. On Monday the Prefect overturned that decision, saying it limited freedom of trade.

French government launches campaign against fraudulent websites - The government has launched a campaign against fraudulent websites, which pass themselves off as official government sites, and tricking users in to parting with cash. These fake sites, which for example charge small amounts for a copy of your birth cert, are raking in €150 million a year for criminals. The government campaign reminds people to access government websites via and to always make sure that any government website address ends in .fr


Scallop dispute comes to an end - British and French fishermen have reached a deal to end the dispute over scallops in the English Channel. The agreement, will see larger British boats withdrawing in return for greater fishing rights elsewhere. In August, boats collided and fishermen threw stones at each other as the French accused UK boats of depleting scallop stocks. Under the terms of the new deal, UK scallop dredgers over 15m long will leave the scallop beds off the coast of Normandy from midnight tonight for six weeks. In return, France will transfer fishing rights for scallops in areas such as the Irish Sea.

Health reform - French President Emmanuel Macron will this morning present a new reform to France’s health system. The reform will be accompanied by budgetary saving of about 400 million euros per year until 2022. The Minister of Health Agnès Buzyn has also confirmed the abolition of the numerus clausus in 2020 which will apply to the selection system of medical students. From 2020, there will no longer be a limit for the number of medical students admitted in the second year.

Memorabilia – Meanwhile an online shop selling mugs decorated with the face of the French president, Emmanuel Macron, and €250 bracelets spelling out libertéégalité, and fraternité has sold about €350,000 worth of memorabilia in just three days. Officials say a total of 7,320 presidential items have been snapped up since the virtual store opened online for business on Friday, making the average spend just under €48. Sales were boosted by the opening of a pop-up shop in the Elysée’s main courtyard this weekend, where more than 200,000 people took advantage of heritage open days to visit the palace.


The United States is to impose 10 percent tariffs on 200 billion dollars worth of Chinese goods in an escalating trade war between Washington and Beijing.

The higher import taxes will apply to some 6,000 Chinese products from handbags to rice and will come into force on the 25th of September at 10 percent with an increase to 25 percent on the 1st of January unless the two countries can reach a deal.

China has said that it will retaliate  and there are no current plans to restart negotiations.

President Trump says that the latest round of tariffs are in response to China’s “unfair trade practices” including subsidies and rules that require foreign companies in some sectors to bring on local partners.


The design of new 100 and 200 euro notes has been unveiled ahead of their entry into circulation in May next year.

Both notes have new security features which are aimed at making them more difficult to counterfeit.

The European Central Bank says that the new notes are smaller which will mean that they fit better into people’s wallets  and also can be handled better by machines.

More than a million cash machines will have to be modified before the new notes enter circulation on the 28th of May next year.


And-The International Monetary Fund has warned that a “no-deal” Brexit on World Trade Organisation terms would entail “substantial costs” for the UK economy.

In its latest annual assessment of the UK economy,the IMF said that all likely Brexit scenarios would “entail costs” but that a disorderly departure could lead to a “significantly worse outcome”.

The UK Finance Minister Phillip Hammond says that the government must listen to the IMF’s “clear warnings”while the Prime Minister’s spokesman maintained that leaving the EU under the terms of the Chequers proposals would “benefit the economy”.



Football-The European Champions League group games get underway tonight with 8 games in Groups A,B,C and D.

In Group A Monaco host Athletico Madrid at the Stade Louis Deux while in Group B Tottenham are away at Inter Milan.

Liverpool host Paris Saint Germain in Group C while Schalke of Germany play Porto in Group D.

There was one game in the English Premier League last night.Southampton and Brighton drew 2-2.

Rugby Union-The Edinburgh coach Richard Cockerill has said that the sport’s laws must protect players without compromising the physical essence of the game.

Cockerill was responding to complaints from the Leicester coach Geordan Murphy who claimed that rugby had gone “too PC” after one of his players was sent off for a dangerous tackle during Sunday’s match against Wasps.

Cockerill says that the sport can never be fully eradicated of risk and that it’s a game of “rough and tumble”.

Boxing-The trainer Enzo Calzaghe who helped his son Joe become a two-weight world champion has died at the age of 69.

He also led Gavin Rees and Enzo Maccarinelli to world titles despite having no previous experience as a trainer.

In 2007 he won the BBC coach of the year award and was also named trainer of the year by Ring Magazine.

His son Joe received a CBE in 2008.



Mainly fine in coastal areas with possible showers inland.

Light south easterly winds and a high of 25-27 degrees.

Overnight lows of 20 degrees on the coast and 17 degrees inland with clear skies.

Wednesday and Thursday-Mainly fine with highs of 25-29 degrees.














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