Evening Update Thurs 4th May 2017

Poster Wars - A 17 year-old student has been injured after a brawl over election posters outside a school in Marseilles. It’s believed the fracas involved 5 to 7 students from opposing sides but not connected with the school itself. Police are investigating.

Barack Macron - Former American President Barack Obama has this afternoon made his support for Emmanuel Macron public, by posting a video on social media. President Obama said the French election is of paramount importance for the future of France, and the values we cherish, because the success of France spreads success to the rest of the world.  Macron also received support from a number of well-known Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur actors, who along with Christian Estrosi and the former Culture Minister, addressed hundreds of people who gathered at the Fabrica, which is where the Avignon Festival is held.

Data Theft - A former employee of the Princess Grace Hospital in Monaco is facing a suspended one-year prison sentence and fines up to €5,000 stealing confidential data last year. It’s alleged the IT technician broke into almost 700 workstations in the hospital and handed over the personal data of employees to journalists and French tax inspectors as revenge for being dismissed.


Adidas has reported a huge leap in sales in the United States outpacing gains by Nike. Following a successful advertising campaign, Adidas sales rose by 31% in the first quarter, compared with Nike's rise of 3%.  Adidas shares also jumped on the Frankfurt stock market, rising more than 2% before easing back.

German investigators suspect a mole, who spied for Swiss intelligence, was trying to catch German tax evaders. The investigators say the mole revealed the names of tax investigators and that the Swiss Intelligence Service ran the operation.

KPMG's audit of Rolls-Royce accounts is to be investigated by the UK’s Financial Reporting Council. It follows Rolls-Royce's settlement of £671m with the Serious Fraud Office in January over corruption allegations. KPMG said it was co-operating and was confident in the quality of its work.


Football - Now that it’s May, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger continues to refuse to answer questions over his future, after he said in February that he would decide on a new contract by the end of April. The Frenchman has been Gunners boss since 1996 and some fans have been calling for him to quit when his current deal expires at the end of this season.

Formula 1 - Frenchman Romain Gros.jean has replaced Jenson Button as a director of the Grand Prix Drivers' Association. He joins Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel and chairman Alexander Wurz in the leading roles, after Button stepped down following his decision not to race in 2017. Gros.jean will now be campaigning officially for the introduction of additional head protection in F1, something to which he is personally opposed.

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