Evening Update Mon 15th May 2017

New Leaders - Two key new political appointments were announced today. In Nice, Christian Estrosi has been re-elected Mayor of the city with a convincing majority vote from the municipal council this morning. Meanwhile, the new Prime Minister for France is Edouard Phillippe. Currently the Mayor of Le Harve, he was appointed Prime Minister by Emmanuel Macron. The 46-year old Republican is seen as a perfect fit to unite the centre-left and centre-right for Macron’s new party, which faces elections next month. 

Bastia - The man who started monkey chants at Mario Balotelli, during a OGC Nice league match in Bastia, is facing a three month suspended sentence, €800 fine and a four year ban. The sentence was requested by the prosecutor, as the Corsican court heard the case against the man, who is officially charged with incitement to racial hatred.

Marineland - New regulations, concerning the reproduction mammals in captivity, are to be fought by Marineland in Antibes. They’ve launched an online petition against the moves, which would prohibit the reproduction of killer whales and dolphins. So far, the petition has received 1,500 signatures, and the support of the European Association of Aquatic Mammals, a scientific organization, who fear the new regulations will prevent research, education and the conservation of species.


Oil prices are increasing today after Saudi Arabia and Russia, said a deal to cut production should be extended until next March. OPEC, which is dominated by Saudi Arabia, along with non-OPEC producers led by Russia, have been attempting to use the cut in oil output to drive up prices.

JP Morgan has bought a new office building in Dublin’s docklands that can accommodate up to 1,000 staff. They say the building is a reflection of their thriving business in Dublin, however it’s thought the new office is actually planned for hundreds of JP Morgan workers relocating from London following Brexit.


Tennis - Maria Sharapova has secured a place in Wimbledon qualifying with a first-round 6-4 6-2 win over Christina McHale at the Italian Open this afternoon. The win ensures Sharapova will move inside the top 200 to earn a Wimbledon qualifying place but if she reaches semi-finals in Rome, she’ll qualify for Wimbledon's main draw. Rafael Nadal has been celebrating his fifth Madrid Open win and moving up into the world’s top 4. Nadal beat Dominic Thiem 7-6 6-4 in an impressive build up to the French Open at the end of this month.

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