Evening Update Friday 5th May 2017

Election - A media blackout will fall on election coverage from midnight tonight as France goes to the polls this weekend to elect Marine le Pen or Emmanuel Macron as the new president. The candidates have made their final campaign stops with Marine le Pen visiting the catherdral in Riems where several French monarchs were crowned. Ms le Pen was met by boos and jeers from a crowd who chanted "Marine, give back the money". Meanwhile Emmanuel Macron’s has given one of his final interviews to Nice Matin, in which he complimented the tourism industry here, but said it would be harder to keep if France closes its borders and leaves the Euro under a President Le Pen. Polls open Sunday, 7am to 7pm, with an 8pm closing in larger towns, with the result expected just after 8pm.


The CEO of the world's second largest investment bank has warned that London will stall because of the risks from Brexit. Goldman Sacks boss, Lloyd Blankfein, who employs 6,500 people in the UK alone, has contingency plans to move depending on the outcome of Brexit negotiations. However, he said he hoped the bank would not have to trigger the plans, as he wants to keep as much of Goldman Sachs activities in the UK as possible.

Jobs growth in the United States could lead to an interest rate increase as early as next month. US businesses had a bumper April with 211,000 new jobs created and unemployment dropping to 4.4%. That’s the lowest rate in ten years.


Football - Lionel Messi has had his four match international ban on playing for Argentina lifted. The decision by FIFA overturns his suspension for directing insulting words at an assistant referee during a match against Chile in March. The appeal committee said while Messi’s behaviour was reproachable, the evidence was not sufficient. Messi will now be available for matches as Argentina fight to secure a place at next summer's World Cup finals in Russia.

Tennis - Novak Djokovic has parted company with his entire coaching team, many of whom have been with him throughout his career. Djokovic believes this shock therapy will help him achieve better results. We’ll find out when he competes next at the Madrid Open.

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