Evening Update 20 Dec

Murder - Police are investigating the death of a homeless man outside the Olympia Cinema in Cannes. The 50 year-old from Poland was found with injuries to his head and face, including a stab wound, and died in hospital. A full autopsy is to be conducted tomorrow.

Brexit - The UK Prime Minister has written an open letter to ex-pats abroad to ease some of their concerns about Brexit. In the letter she said the first stage agreement made with the EU guarantees that ex-pat’s rights as residents in the EU, will be protected in the Withdrawal Agreement. She also categorically states this will include the right to receive healthcare, pension and other benefits as you do today. Mrs May said she would continue to push for the best possible deal for British nationals across the EU.

Energy - Prince Albert this morning inspected the catamaran Energy Explorer which is due to depart Monaco on a six year mission, stopping at 101 ports in 50 countries. The catamaran itself, runs totally on renewable energy, including on-board hydrogen, solar panels and wind turbines. The boat is an ocean version of the Solar Impulse project, which was based in Monaco, and completed a round-the-world flight using only renewable energy in 2015 and 2016.

Roads - Drivers around Cagnes-sur-Mer are warned the pénétrante between Cagnes and La Colle-sur-Loup is closed until early evening due to work being carried out on a crane that is in danger of collapsing.

Password - If your computer password is 12345, password, qwerty or letmein, you should change it, as these are the top five most used passwords in France, and crackable in three seconds by hackers who can get your information. For a good password, experts recommend you use the first letter in the each word from the opening line of your favourite song. It’s random but very easy to remember.


A new survey from Randstad shows the average salary for non-executive positions in the PACA region stood at €1,591 a month during 2017. This is €12 above the national average with just the Normandy, Occitan and Ile-de-France regions outperforming the south.

The Economist magazine has named France as it’s Country of the Year, giving most of the credit goes to Emmanuel Macron. They said that in 2017, France defied all expectations by electing a young ex-banker who, had no backing from any of the traditional parties. Then La République En Marche, Mr Macron’s brand-new party, full of political novices, crushed the old guard to win most of the seats in the National Assembly. They championed the French President saying Mr Macron campaigned for a France that is open to people, goods and ideas from abroad, and to social change at home.

Meanwhile, France's return to economic growth should remain on course in 2018, with latest figures from INSEE being revised upward one percentage point to 1.9%.


Football - Ahead of tonight’s game against Lille, OGC Nice coach Lucien Favré has said he doesn’t expect to make many changes to the team during the transfer window in January. He did say that some of the younger player, who play less, may depart the team. Tonights game kicks off in Lille at 8.50.

Athletics - Birmingham has officially been announced as the host of the 2022 Commonwealth Games. The games will cost £750m to host, making them the most expensive sports event in Britain since the London 2012 Olympics.

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