Evening Update 17 May

Exams - Students who occupied the Science Department of Nice University at Valbonne, were evicted last night, so exams could continue uninterrupted this morning. The occupation was an escalation of a protest against proposed changes to university entry requirements.

Nice - The star of a billion tourist photos, the I Love Nice sign at the foot of the chateau, has gone missing for the last 24 hours, sparking many comments on social media. The Town Hall has revealed the sign is simply undergoing some renovations, and will return to its perch over the Baie des Anges, in time for summer.

Cannes - The world famous film festival continues at Cannes this week. With the latest, from the Hotel Martinez, here is Riviera Radio’s Mark Dezzani.

Fines - A man from Bouches-du-Rhone, whose car has been detained by police since 2015, has complained today that he continues to receive speeding tickets, despite the fact has been serving a prison sentence for the past three years. On investigation the car was impounded for use by police, but the tickets continue to go to the prisoner, who only has two points left on his licence.


Brent crude oil is at a four year high, touching $80 a barrel, as markets become concerned that President Trump’s sanctions against Iran could be more successful than originally thought.

French oil producer Total has said it will end work on its major gas project in Iran, unless it is exempt from those sanctions. Total say they will be forced to cease operations, as it has over €8 billion of capital employed in its US assets, and with US banks involved in 90% of its financing operations, that makes the company highly vulnerable to US actions.

President Macron said today that the EU must protect its companies trading with Iran. He said international companies make their own choices, and they should continue to have this freedom.

Shares in Ocado have surged more than 60%, after the UK based online retailer, signed an exclusive deal to provide its grocery delivery service to US retailer Kroger. Kroger, which had sales of $122 billion in its last fiscal year, will take a 5% stake in the British online delivery firm as part of the agreement.


Football - Italy goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon will play his final game for Juventus on Saturday after 17 years with the club. Buffon, who is facing UEFA sanctions for insulting a referee by saying he should be on the stands eating crisps, apologised for his comments, saying if he saw the referee again, he would give him a hug and say that he should have taken more time with his decision.  

Manchester United football club has seen its third quarter revenues rise by 8.1% to £137m. Over the period broadcast revenues were up 26.4% and match-day income was 6% higher at £31m.

England manager Gareth Southgate has been forced to defend his World Cup lineup saying it is not a gamble, despite it being their third youngest in the tournament's history. England start their Group G campaign against Tunisia on 18 June

The city of Lyon is cleaning up today after Marseilles fans rioted, following their Europa League final defeat last night. Shattered dreams were made even worse, as two of the three winning goals for Atletico Madrid, were scored by a Frenchman, Antoine Griezmann, who was voted Man of the Match.

Formula 1 - The controversial wing mirrors used by Ferrari at last weekend's Spanish Grand Prix have been banned. The sport's governing body, did not approve of the way the mirrors were mounted to the car, saying they gave the car too much aerodynamic gain. In future, any team that wants to mount wing mirrors, must only do so with a single mounting.

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