Evening Update 10 Oct

Strike - Todays national strike has seen thousands on the streets of Nice and Toulon protesting the governments labour law reforms. In Nice, two thousand gathered at Place Massena, disrupting public transport for a number of hours.

The strike has led to 17 schools being forced to close, along with multiple flight cancellations, affecting mainly Air France and British Airways flights into Nice Cote d’Azur airport. However, bus, tram and TER rail services appear to be running a mainly normal service.

Air - Very small traces of radioactive material have appeared in the air across the Riviera. Experts believe the traces, also discovered in Austria, Norway and Switzerland, could have come from the southern regions of the Urals in Russia. The traces are too small to be a health risk.

Arrests - Two more people have been arrested, in connection with last week’s knife murder, at the train station in Marseilles. It’s believed the two are Tunisian asylum seekers, who were arrested while trying to cross the border into Switzerland.

College - The l’Archet College in Nice was closed to pupils this morning, after police discovered a dead body. According to reports the victim was a man in his thirties and not connected with the college. Police believed the man may have died of accidental causes.

Parking - Cagnes-Sur-Mer has announced that as of January 1st parking will be managed by a private company. The company will introduce new parking zones in the town along with new fees. After facing criticism over the new move, the town council has said that that the aim was not for the council to make more money, but an attempt to speed up the rotation of vehicles on the parking lots.

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