Evening Update 10 Apr

Disney - A 31 year-old man, who was given an 18 month suspended sentence for sexually abusing a 14 year-old girl, has been arrested again after being discovered with the same girl at Disneyland Paris. The arrest was made after the girl’s mother alerted police, saying the man had made contact with her daughter, and persuaded her to go to Paris with him. The man is due to appear in court this week.

Airport - There is an unusual amount of disruption to flights at Nice Cote d’Azur airport today. Earlier, bad weather led to several delays and some missed approaches, and while they have been rectified, two of Europe’s biggest airlines are affected by industrial disputes. Air France pilots and crew are continuing their work stoppage today and tomorrow, and Lufthansa has been forced to cancel 800 of its flights due to a general walkout by public sector workers in Germany. Passengers are advised to check on their flight's status, by using the airports real time website or phone app.

In some good news for the airport, it’s just been voted by pilots, as one of the Top 3 Most Beautiful Landings in the word.

Speed - A recent survey has shown that only 13% of French motorists feel safe on secondary roads, but the vast majoritiy, 76%, are against a lowering of the speed limit.

From July 1st this year, the maximum speed on secondary roads will drop to 80 km/h instead of the current 90. France’s two way secondary roads, account for over half of fatal traffic accidents.


Volkswagen has said chief executive Matthias Mueller could be replaced as part of a management shake-up. Mr Mueller became VW chief executive in September 2015 following the diesel emissions scandal. However, in May last year, prosecutors said they were investigating him over suspicions he may have known about the diesel cheating, before it became public.

The President of China has announced plans to open up China's economy, including the lowering of tariffs for automobiles and enforcing the legal intellectual property of foreign firms. He outlined the plans on the same day the World Trade Organization acknowledged receipt of a complaint from China, challenging President Trump's tariffs on imported steel and aluminium.

Airbus has announced it is to develop sleeping quarters for passengers that will sit in the cargo hold. The quarters would allow passengers to sleep during a flight, in berths very similar to those found on overnight trains. The modules would sit in the cargo hold, and be interchangeable with regular cargo containers, should airlines want to change configuration during a layover or turnaround.


Commonwealth Games - English swimmer Ben Proud has kept his 50m freestyle title, clocking 21.35 seconds, to beat South Africa's Bradley Tandy and Australia's Cameron McEvoy, who took silver and bronze respectively.

Scotland's basketball team continue their incredible unbeaten run, to secure a place in the semi-finals of the Commonwealth Games, after narrowly beating Nigeria 66-61, to set up a last-four match with Australia on Saturday.

And the youngest athlete at the Games, Anna Hursey from Wales, is out in the second round of the table tennis competition, but is tipped for big things in the future. And Anna has plenty of ‘future’ as she’s just 11 years-old.

Formula 1 - The President of Monaco’s Automobile Club is making headlines, for criticising safety measures in race cars. He said a Formula 1 car wrapped in cotton wool will not bring out spectators. Motor racing is dangerous, and to try for full safety in Formula 1, is against the nature of the sport he said. The President also made headlines last week for confirming the Grand Prix in Monaco intends to keep it’s ‘Grid Girls’.

Football - In Greece, another super-club is making headlines today. Players for 20 time champions,, have gone on strike, saying they haven’t been paid since last year. It’s the latest in a series of incidents for the Greek super-league, including players for the third placed Olympiakos team being fined €400,000 for poor performance, and last month, Salonika’s team president being banned for three years for coming onto the pitch with a gun.

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