Evening Update 07 Feb

Gun - A man who threatened teenagers with a gun, is being held in police custody today. The incident happened last night on Boulevard Henri-Sappia, just north of Nice. The man did not resist arrest.

Paris - Connections between the Cote d’Azur and Paris remain severely affected this evening, due to unprecedented snowfall in the capital. The snowfall, which is the heaviest in thirty years, has crippled bus, train and airline services. Flights to Nice from Paris Orly and Charles de Gaulle have been cancelled, while there are delays of up three hours on high-speed TGV services.

Fake - Three people have been jailed for passing fake five-hundred euro notes at the Casino in Monaco.  The four were arrested two years ago at Monaco train station, following a tip-off from Italian police, who believed the four had also been operating at the casino in San Remo. Three of the four, all from Bulgaria, were sentenced to between one and three years in prison.

Fire - Emergency services have successfully brought a massive fire under control, which took hold in a garage containing over 200 cars. All the cars, at the ten thousand square metre garage in Marseilles were destroyed. Police are investigating the cause.

Corsica - President Emmanuel Macron has told nationalists in Corsica, that he would try to accommodate their demands for more autonomy, while at the same time keeping them in France's republican fold. The President’s two-day visit is being closely watched, as some fear, that giving the Mediterranean island too much autonomy, could fuel a breakaway bid in the future.

Hours - Public servants are resisting a move which will require them to work an additional 40 hours a year. The row centres around a bonus negotiated in the eighties, where municipal workers in Marseilles were granted a special ‘winter week’ holiday, to be taken between October and April. The Prefecture is now putting pressure on the Mayor of Marseilles to remove the ‘winter week’ and bring public workers in line with the national norm.


European stock markets have rebounded slightly this afternoon, with London's FTSE 100 up 1%, in Paris the CAC-40 was ‘point seven percent’ higher, and Frankfurt's DAX was up ‘point eight’ percent. Earlier, a rally for Asian stocks faltered, with some markets slipping into negative territory. Markets across the globe are ‘see-sawing’ on worries about rising interest rates in America, while analysts have been forecasting that rapidly-rising markets were due a correction.

US casino mogul Steve Wynn has stepped down as chairman and CEO of his Wynn Resorts company, amid allegations of sexual misconduct. A Wall Street Journal report, has alleged the 76-year-old billionaire harassed massage therapists and forced one staff member into an intimate encounter. Mr Wynn has denied any misconduct and called the story preposterous.


Football - Manchester United striker Alexis Sanchez, has accepted a 16-month suspended jail sentence for tax fraud, in return for avoiding a trial. The former Barcelona player, faced going to trial in Spain, over unpaid taxes, amounting to around one million euro, for earnings on image rights between 2012 and 2013.

West Ham are set to sign former Marseilles left-back Patrice Evra until the end of the season. The Frenchman has been without a club, since he left Marseille by mutual consent last November, after he kicked one of the club's fans before a Europa League match. Although he was banned from UEFA competition for the rest of the season, he is able to play domestically.

Golf - Susan Feaster, the CEO of the Ryder Cup, is due in Monaco next week, to speak at a Monaco USA networking event. Annette Anderson, of Stars’n’Bars, who are hosting the event next Tuesday, said they were honoured to have such a distinguished guest, and that all were welcome to talk golf and network with the best of Monaco. This year’s Ryder Cup is due to be held in Paris in September.

Tennis - Ex-Romania captain Ilie Nastase, who was banned from tennis, for racially insensitive comments he made about Serena Williams while she was pregnant, has had his ban reduced. An independent tribunal, deemed the ban imposed by the International Tennis Federation was appropriate, but cut it by eight months, while at the same time doubling the financial fine.

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