Date 24/04/17 10:12

Electorate - A reported 7,600 residents who have changed address in the region failed to vote on Sunday. The town hall in Nice reported that 7,600 electoral cards had been returned indicating that the resident no longer lived at the given address. The electoral code states that any change of address must be reported to the authorities before the 1st January. A spokesperson at the town hall has said this year has shown a growing number of people failing to provide necessary information in order to remain on the electoral roll.


French Presidential Elections - Centrist Emmanuel Macron has come first in the first round of the French Presidential election with nearly 24% of votes, Marine Le Pen came second with 21,4%. The two fought off both centre-right Francois Fillon and hard-left Jean-Luc Mélenchon. It’s the first time in French history that neither of the two main political parties are through to the second round with socialist leader Benoit Hammon scoring 6.3% of votes. Both Macron and Le Pen will be in a run-off for the French presidency on May 7th. In the Alpes Maritimes Marine Le Pen came out in the lead with 27,74% of votes followed by 27,39% for Francois Fillon and in third place came Emmanuel Macron with 19,04% . Meanwhile according to reports on France Info this morning some several hundred "anti-fascists" gathered at the Bastille in Paris on Sunday evening after the results of the first round of the presidential election were announced. Reports of clashes with the police led to three arrests and two protesters were injured.