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Designed by sailors for sailors. Explore modern sailing yacht designs inspired from listening to owners with more than 20 million blue water sailing miles and 75 circumnavigations. This is what makes an Oyster the world’s finest Deck Saloon luxury sailing yacht for long weekends or ocean adventures alike.

Here, Richard Hadida, CEO of Oyster Yachts, talks about what's new for the company, including their 3 newly-designed boats, their green appoach to yachting and the highlights of 2018.

The launch of the new Oyster 565 yacht

The Oyster 565 is the new, award-winning blue water sailing yacht, part of the sixth Generation (G6) fleet of Oyster sailing yachts. Using the latest Oyster hull shapes developed with Humphreys Yacht Design, the 59.3 ft Oyster 565 is designed for easy family and couples sailing without the need for professional crew. 

Crafted from years of experience building over 120 Oyster 56 and Oyster 575 blue water sailing yachts, the new Oyster 565 takes Oyster’s premium sailboat design to the next level. The latest twin-rudder hull form, shared with the rest of the current range, provides a well-balanced steering system while facilitating many different layout and keel options. These include a supershoal with centreboard for navigating shallow waters and or extended transom which offers more space to entertain when outdoors.

Many of the Oyster World Rally participants have sailed around the world on this model’s predecessors, and with improved design the Oyster 565 offers an even higher level of comfort for long-distance ocean cruising or global circumnavigation. This new sailing yacht is also just as suited to shorthanded weekend sailing in the Med, offering a luxurious base upon which to spend time with the family, or for high-speed cruising along the coast. Sleek, customisable interior design ensures that wherever in the world you are, your blue water sailboat will feel like home.

Oyster's Heritage

After building more than 300 yachts, Oyster developed the original Deck Saloon sailing yacht concept in 1980. Now a proven design used across 35 Oyster models and more than 750 luxury sailing yachts, Deck Saloon means Oyster. Discover their classic Deck Saloon designs and other historic yachts by Oyster here.

A selection of Oyster's current yachts

Oyster 82 Midnight

Oyster 565 Panthalassa 

Oyster 745

Oyster 825 Maegan