Experience of the Month - Fit Studio Le Loft

Voyage Bien-Être at the new Pilates, Yoga and Garuda studio Le Loft, 4 Rue Massena, Nice. Garuda, the intelligent way to advertise. Fully-equipped Pilates, Yoga and Garuda studios with the very best instructors in small group classes or private lessons. 

With a long experience in Pilates, health and well-being since 1983 and recognised for her professionalism and rigour, her Pilates and Garuda courses, Eva Winskill is now opening her second studio on the French Riviera, in Nice. Originally from Sweden, Eva created FIT STUDIO in 1990 in Lyon to teach well-being to the public. 

Le Loft includes a collection of three studios offering Garuda, Apparatus, Pilates Reformer Allegro, Cadillac, Barrel and more! Group classes with barres, slings, bodhis, foam rollers, chairs, blocks and swiss balls. 

Check out their website here.

Garuda is a visionnary new method by James D'Silva. In Indian mythology, the Garuda is a large bird that changes shape according to its function, from which this method takes its name, a unique system in the aquisition of flexibility and the precision of movement. Garuda is comprised of Pilates principles, yoga postures and breathing techniques all with the elegance of dance. It is the future of well-being in the 21st century. Garuda starts where Pilates ends. Garuda, beneficial for the mind and the body is a dynamic method, with its hybrid approach revolutionising the world of fitness. For more information on Garuda, consult the following website: https://www.thegaruda.net/