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For 30 years Riviera Radio has successfully designed and implemented radio advertising on the French Riviera and marketing plans for thousands of businesses. Riviera Radio advertising offers a complete service from creating your message to ensuring it is best placed on the right media to target the right audience in order to achieve your goals and grow your business.
Almost 80% of people in France listen to the radio each day. Radio is the number one media for the quality of it’s programs and the most effective media to generate sales and web traffic.
Our team of 4 experienced business developers have worked across all media types. We have team members focused by key business sectors and by key areas like Nice, Cannes, Antibes, Monaco, Menton and ST Tropez.
Riviera Radio has very high end international audience with strong investment and spending power. Riviera Radio is extremely efficient at speaking to business leaders and people aged 25 to 65 years old. 
Over 250,000 regular users.
Riviera Radio has moved from just being radio to a multi-channel communication platform:
FM Radio
Dab+ broadcast
AD creation
Digital portal
E-marketing solutions to target specific customers database
Social media management and profile growth
Mobile and tablet applications
Events and partnerships
Public relations
We can provide partners for any other types of media.
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10 Quai Antoine 1er – 98000 Monaco
Tel : +377 97 97 94 80
Fax : +377 97 97 94 95

Edouard Huillet (Fr & Eng) - Sales & Marketing director

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Mob: 06 80 86 91 84

From Villefranche to Menton (except Monaco) & Italian Riviera

Thomas Espanet (fr, Eng & It)

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Tel : 06 80 86 95 99


Martine Malbouvier (Fr & Eng) - Sales & Marketing assistant

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Tel : +377 97 97 94 80

Nice to Villeneuve Loubet​

Muriel Simon (Fr & Eng)

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Martine Montagne (Fr & Eng)

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Patrick Valentini (Fr & Eng)

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